Program of the Conference


(last update : 19/06/2018)

40min per speaker (Q&A included):

talks between 20 and 30min.

Wednesday 20th June 2018


9h – Breakfast

10h – 12h: Limits of the Digital

Susanna Lindberg – “On Prosthetic Existence: Why Poststructuralism is not a Transhumanism”

Fabrice Flipo – “Theoretical positions around the ecological implications of ICTs”

Coline Ferrarato – “Les limites du numérique. Dialogue entre Gilbert Simondon et Andrew Feenberg”

12h – 13h20: Lunch


13h20 – 15h20: Digital Technologies of the Subject

Peter-Paul Verbeek – “Existentializing Technology: on digital subjectivity and the technologies of the self”

Paulan Korenhof & Arij Gorzeman – “Interfacing the self: an analysis of changes in interfaces and the construction of the subject”

Frederico Lyra de Carvalho – “Rethinking Adorno’s critique of music: production, distribution and ideology in digital era”

15h20 – 15h30: Coffee Break

15h30 – 18h40: Digital Labours

Ursula Huws – “New technologies, new forms of primitive accumulation”

Antonio Casilli – “Waiting for Robot: bridging the gap between AI’s ‘manifest destiny’ and digital labor”

Sébastien Broca – “What is the meaning of ‘labour’ in ‘digital labour’”

Kylie Jarrett – “The Work of Not-Labour”


Thursday 21 June 2018


9h – Breakfast

9h30 – 10h50: Governing Algorithms (1)

Kevin Morin – “Artificial innovation. Machine agentivity in the era of Algorithmic Governmentality”

Tobias Matzner – “Algorithmic subjectivation”

(Antoinette Rouvroy – cancelled)

10h50 – 11h: Coffee Break

11h – 12h20: Governing Algorithms (2)

Luca Paltrinieri & Olivier Sarrouy – “Crowds governmentality and new political subjects” (cancelled)

Peter Polack – “Data Debt, Discourse, and Defection: Traces of Subjectivation and Critique in Algorithmic Governmentality”

12h20 – 14h: Lunch


14h – 16h: Digital Labours (2)

Ilios Willemars – “Incorporating Placeholders: Implications of Virtual-Reality Pornography on the Logic of Sex-Work”

Anne Alombert – “Work, knowledge and technical externalisation: Stiegler’s reading of Marx in the context of digital automation”

Eric Arrivé – “Commentary on the notion of digital labor”

16h – 16h10: Coffee Break

16h10 – 18h10: Critical Theories of Technology

Olivier Voirol – “Digital machines and the second mimesis

Camilla Brenni – “Reassessing the concept of « Totality » in the Age of Big Data”

Andrew Feenberg – “The internet as Network, world and co-construction”


Venue :  Max Weber building, Seminar room 2
Université Paris Nanterre
200 Avenue de la République, 92000 Nanterre


Organizers :

Fabrice Flipo (Mines-Telecom, Université Paris Diderot), Camille Imhoff (CNAM, Université Paris Nanterre), Maxime Mécréant (Université Paris Nanterre), Marc-Antoine Pencolé (Université Paris Nanterre), Hao Wang (Universiteit van Amsterdam).

Selection Committee :

Haud Guéguen (CNAM), Thomas Heller (Université de Lille), Camille Imhoff (CNAM, Université Paris Nanterre), Maxime Mécréant (Université Paris Nanterre), Marc-Antoine Pencolé (Université Paris Nanterre), Hao Wang (Universiteit van Amsterdam).

Affiche-Theoretical traditions and new technologies-ppt2-1

Illustration : Camille Raviart (tous droits réservés)


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